Goldfish and Betta Fish Together? There Are 6 Big Problems!

Goldfish and fighting fish are some of the most popular pet fish available today. Both species are popular with fish farmers all over the world because of their beautiful shape, varied coloration and interesting behaviour. Therefore, it is easy to understand why people often think of keeping goldfish and bettas together.

But is it a good idea?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. Some people will tell you that goldfish and fighting fish can live together, while others will tell you they definitely can’t. Of course, you will need to do your own research and form your own opinion, but this article provides what we believe to be the most accurate answer.

The whole truth about whether goldfish and fighting fish can live together!

While some websites claim otherwise, we strongly believe that goldfish and cockatiel are very poor tankmates.

Below are 6 reasons why we think it’s not a good idea to have goldfish and bettas in the same tank…

1. Both goldfish and fighting fish love to pinch their fins.

A direct recipe for disaster! Goldfish are notorious for chasing other fish and biting their fins. They also have long thin fins. Meanwhile, the fighting fish also often bite the fins of other fish. And they also have long fins.

So you have two fish that love to pinch their fins, and both have long fins that are just begging to be pinched! In almost all cases, you will end up with one fish chasing another, or your goldfish and betta biting each other.

And it is important to understand that fin pinching is a serious problem. Biting on the fins will not only stress the fish, which can make them sick, but it can also damage their fins, leading to injury and infection.

2. A large goldfish may try to eat a cockerel.

The goldfish will try to eat whatever it can fit in its mouth. And that may include your betta.

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And remember: one day your goldfish will grow much larger than a cockerel. Even if your goldfish doesn’t try to eat the betta first, it may decide to try again when it’s big enough!

3. Betta fish love warmer water than goldfish.

We recommend a tank water temperature of 20°C to 23°C (68°F to 74°F) for goldfish, but bettas like warmer water temperatures of 24°C to 27°C (75°F to 80°F). F). .

While both fish can tolerate temperatures outside of their ideal range, if you keep a goldfish and a rooster together, you will always either force your goldfish to live in water that is too warm or your rooster to live in water that is too cool.

4. Goldfish need a big aquarium.

Goldfish grow big and produce a lot of waste. This means they need plenty of water and regular water changes to keep ammonia and other harmful chemicals within acceptable limits.

Unfortunately, people often keep goldfish in aquariums that are too small for them, and sometimes they add other fish to the aquarium, which leads to water pollution.

So while a goldfish and other fish (such as a betta) can live in the same tank without a dangerous rise in ammonia levels, we always think it’s worth reminding people of this point.

Whether goldfish and fighting fish can live together doesn’t matter if your goldfish tank isn’t big enough for your goldfish to have an aquarium partner at all!

5. Goldfish and fighting fish eat different foods.

It can be very difficult to prevent two fish from sharing food if they live in the same aquarium. Inevitably, some of the food will end up with the wrong fish, whether it’s right away when you first add it to the tank, or later when the fish are looking for leftovers hidden in the substrate.

A goldfish and a fighting fish will try to eat just about anything, so you can be sure that if they live in the same tank, they will end up sharing food too. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, their needs are very different.

The fighting fish is a carnivore that benefits from a high protein diet, while the goldfish is an omnivore that doesn’t need as much protein. If a goldfish eats a lot of betta food, their diet will be too high in protein, which can lead to serious health problems.

6. No need to keep goldfish and bettas together.

Technically, perhaps some goldfish and some cock fish get used to life in the same aquarium. We have seen aquariums, photos and videos where individual fish seem to get along just fine with each other.

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But as explained above, it can also go really bad when fins bite, one fish tries to eat another, one fish is forced to endure inappropriate temperatures, poor water quality and incompatible diets. So why take the risk?

A lone male cockatiel doesn’t need a huge aquarium, so if you want to keep both goldfish and bettas, why not just buy a separate tank for the cockatiels rather than having them try to get along with your goldfish. ?

Do rooster fish get along with goldfish?

As explained above, this is definitely possibly for some fighting fish to get along with some goldfish, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be good tankmates. Not only do they need different tank conditions and different diets, you may also find that the individual fish you choose don’t get along with each other.

In terms of fighting fish not getting along with goldfish, the biggest problem you are likely to have is fin biting. Since both species love to pinch their fins and both have long fins, it is almost inevitable that at least one fish will at some point attempt to bite the other.

Can goldfish eat betta food?

Goldfish can eat small amounts of betta food, but it is not recommended that they eat a lot of betta food all the time.

Because roosterfish are carnivorous, their bodies are adapted to a diet rich in protein. For this reason, betta food is specially formulated to be high in protein. This is good for bettas, but not for goldfish!

Goldfish are omnivores and their food doesn’t have to be as high in protein as the betta’s diet. Unfortunately, eating a lot of betta food and consuming too much protein in the process can cause serious health problems for goldfish.

Can bettas eat goldfish food?

We are often asked if fighting fish can eat goldfish flakes and other goldfish foods. Answer: Yes, they can, but it’s not ideal.

Because they are carnivores, roosterfish need a high protein diet. In the wild, they will often eat insects and insect larvae, and in the aquarium they will enjoy protein-rich foods such as freeze-dried bloodworms or brine shrimp.

Goldfish don’t need as much protein, so their foods like flakes and pellets tend to be lower in protein and higher in carbs. This is great for goldfish, but not great for fighting fish! As long as your betta is getting enough protein, goldfish food won’t harm them, but it won’t do them any good either.

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You should also keep in mind that goldfish and bettas have very different mouth sizes. A pellet that is tiny for a goldfish can suffocate a fighting fish.

Can you put a goldfish in an aquarium with bettas?

The answer to the question “is it possible to put a goldfish in an aquarium with bettas” is no. But the reason depends on what exactly you mean by question.

If you mean “can goldfish and roosterfish live together” then the answer is “no” for the reason we listed above.

If you mean “can you put a goldfish in a small aquarium advertised in the pet store as a “cock-pot”, then the answer is still no, because the goldfish will need a lot more space.

So-called “betta tanks” are often very small, as shown in the figure below. We wouldn’t even keep bettas this size in an aquarium, let alone goldfish, which grow so much bigger.

The aquarium is unfortunately advertised as a “cockerel tank” even though it is too small for a cockerel. And, of course, too small for a goldfish!

Do fighting fish eat goldfish?

For people asking us this… we’re not entirely sure if you mean goldfish, animal, or crackers, but either way, the answer is no!

Bettas do not eat goldfish (animals) because their mouths are not big enough to eat even the smallest goldfish. Bettas are carnivores, but they mainly feed on insects and insect larvae. They certainly wouldn’t even try to eat anything close to the size of a goldfish. However, as explained above, bettas do not eat goldfish, but they can still bite the fish on the tail and fins.

But you might be wondering if roosterfish eat crackers with goldfish?! If yes, then the answer is still no! Betta fish are carnivores, and while they will eat or try to eat something else (like vegetables), goldfish crackers are definitely not good for them!

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